Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sexual Relations

The term “sexual relations” has changed for me. For years now I have considered “sexual relations” to be “intercourse”. Giving or receiving head didn’t seem that intimate to me compared to intercourse.
With the addition of my chastity I see now how intimate I can be causing a orgasm orally or with a vibrator not even touching at all physically.
Reading blogs and forums I found couples that have one sided orgasm’s all the time with and without the use of intercourse. One woman can’t orgasm in any way other than using the bathtub and running water. Intercourse is completely one sided and she solo’s her orgasm. One guy has erectile dysfunction and their intercourse is one sided with him using a strap-on for her or giving her oral. He has to solo his orgasm with the use of a strong vibrator. There are many examples with different stories and of course just as many with the use of chastity and one sided orgasm’s being for the female only.
The one thing I have found being in my device these months is the fulfilled feeling I have hearing an orgasm and watching without having one. Before it was a step to my orgasm, now it is a fulfillment of pleasure for both.  With the addition of the Hitachi wand I am hoping for even higher of a orgasm to be reached and for me to get to see that and help it get achieved.
Chastity has changed the way I look at sex and the way I think about sex. Before it was all about me, all about my fantasies and exploring every one of them as much as I could, now it is looking forward to hearing that orgasm, and knowing that sexual pleasure has been achieved. Using a vibrator seems to be the best way and easiest to achieve the orgasm and intensity seems to be increased. With the Hitachi everything I have seen and read says it will be even stronger. I hope it will be and I will be able to be part of it.
For all the years of marriage my orgasm has been the focus of our “sexual relations” with chastity that has changed and I can’t be happier. I now really want my sexual release to be a very small part of our “sexual relations” and the total focus is on a heightened, relaxed and enjoyable orgasm that stays with the ability to lay there and enjoy without having to deal with my orgasm.
I would love to change the weekly encounters to bi-weekly, hell I would do it every night if allowed. Before any intimate touch went directly to the thoughts of me getting an orgasm, now I find when I receive an intimate touch my sexual energy rises and I just enjoy the touch. I know my chastity is there and it isn’t coming off.
One difference between the other entire lockup’s and this one was I knew I had 30 days before a release date. This time no date was scheduled, and I will not ask to be let out. I am just going to wait till the time comes. Long as I am getting to focus on solo orgasm’s and knowing that for a change that it isn’t all about me, I feel I have many years of making up for all the years I have be so selfish.

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