Thursday, October 11, 2012

Alice in wonderland

I feel that sometimes I am Alice in Wonderland. I am searching for the path or what I or you "need" to do to make things right. Chasing that white rabbit with no luck to catch him, knowing if I catch him, I have no idea what to do with him.

Chastity is that way, I have caught the white rabbit, I am in chastity...... So what should I do, or you do, or we do, or do we need to do anything?

The longer I am in chastity the more I start thinking I don't really "need" to do anything. Nor do you, it is what we "want" to do. You might not want to do anything or you might want something. I don't know.

I think the thing I keep "wanting" is that feeling you are good with me in chastity and keeping the keys. That is a trick comment tho. I think of you actually keeping the keys here at home away from my sight, knowing all I really need to do now is just open the package and I don't think you would really care either way.

I would love you to care if I did try to get out, not sure if that will happen. Yet just keeping them from me would at least give that "feeling" I couldn't escape.

One thing that did give me hope and happiness was when you asked if I had my device on and I said "no..." You said "Well put it on and plan to be in it a LONG time." Of course this was exciting and made me happy to see you taking some control.

Giving you private personal time each week is a total pleasure and also quite a tease in a way too, knowing there is no possibility for me to receive the same thing. I would love you to become custom to this and look forward to it with no worries for me.

As I go down the rabbit hole I think of you getting more comfortable with control and just not asking anymore, expecting things instead. I have no problem doing anything you want, I think you and I would both enjoy it, me knowing you are happy getting to relax and you being ok with the idea.

Teasing and denial is always a exciting thought  but I don't have a clue how to do that or suggest anything. I do know I would like to stay in longer till the point I "want" to get out and then really stay in longer after that to get the full effect of the control I have given you of my orgasms.

Just random thoughts.. chasing the rabbit down the hole.

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