Monday, October 15, 2012

Knight in shining armor Returns to his Queen

This is a interesting post I will am going to summarize because of the length of the post but got me thinking a great deal. The post was on a female led marriage forum.

The basic of the post was the husband was in the national guard and got called overseas for three years. During this time he was the platoon leader protecting his group from danger having to make hard decisions to complete that task. He did keep his group safe and everyone came home safe and sound.

He spoke of his thoughts of his wife and kids as all do when deployed. Once home, he worked his way back into his normal life as all try to do coming home from war. Yet his story as a bit of a twist. He talked of coming home and once the excitement relaxed, he and his wife went back to their Female Led Marriage. He went happy back into his chastity device and taking over a good bit of chores around the house. His wife had to get use to having someone do things for her again.

His comments were, (My wife had to get use to saying, "I would like a cup of coffee" where I would ask if she wanted me to get it and she would say "Yes".) Soon his wife was enjoying solo orgasms by his hands while he was in chastity. Their agreement was the only penetrative sex was her doing him with a strap-on. His orgasm would come only by masturbation or a hand job by her.

Some interesting points were, he was still the strong "knight", controlled paying all the bills, making a lot of the "hard decisions" with home life and being a strong father figure for his girls. Yet he could kneel at his wife's feet and she excepted his submission of love and devotion much as a knight would to his Queen.

He spoke of his wife as his Queen and his ability to submit so much to her but yet be so strong also.


I loved reading this and it made me feel better about how I feel many times. I feel that I am not a "roll over on my belly" kind of guy. I feel I am strong and powerful in many ways to be able to support and protect my family. I have thought from time to time when hearing a song or watching a movie if being in chastity and wanting to submit my self to my wife as much as this man did was considered "weak".

I found the complete opposite.  I feel from his story that he is one of the strongest men I have read about and know that there can be a balance between submission and devotion to my wife and still being able to be the "knight" that most men want to be for their wife.

My wife is my Queen, she always has been and always will be. Only now am I able to try to show her my true devotion and submission of love like I would like.

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