Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chastity is not just about sex rather a way of life

For so many years I lived in the "fantasy" side of chastity, with that comes every thought relating to sex. All the time I would think of being in chastity and how we could have sex with me in and how I would get out to have sex. I would use pictures online of chastity to masturbate too. Every device up to this one failed me in one way or another and for that reason I felt that I stayed in the fantasy world with the idea of chastity. If in the old devices all I would think about was how to get out and fantasies about sex and domination.

My fantasies would fuel the ideas of chastity and would spiral back at each other.

Once having this device all that changed. When I really found that there was "no way out" without the key my views changed. I started to realize there was much more to chastity than sex. I found that chastity wasn't something that you "played with" if you wanted to really get the full effect and mindset that I wanted from the beginning. Now being in the device, I don't think about sex all the time, I in fact can forget it is even on. I do find that anything sexual sparks my interest, my thoughts shift to the device, then to you. I find that my fantasies of wild experiences have gone away.

I feel that the reason is, I am living in chastity and in reality. I know understand the saying "chastity is not just about sex rather a way of life".

Now we just need to get you to "hide the keys" lol.

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