Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thought of the day, requires possible action.

Discussing on a forum many of us explained how we deal with the main and emergency keys. My emergency keys being in the one time use box was very popular because the majority of men in chastity do not want to have access to any keys but if they do need access, we all want it be known when we access the keys. The Main keys being in the little package that would show tampering was a good discussion. The point was made that access was too easy to the Main keys. Temptation could happen and with a good knife and glue could be defeated.

Many talk about the disappointment and feeling of mistrust the "Keyholder" would feel. This got me thinking, the keys are just sitting in the closet on my top shelf by the door. I could just open the package, release myself, and put them back. You don't really pay attention to them when I do get to remove the device. For this, it ate at me a bit. The chastity funnels my sexual energy away from other things, and keeps me in "check" so to speak.

My thought, what would you feel if I cheated on the chastity, sneaking a key for a release? Would it really matter to you? I have not cheated, nor do I plan too. Yet I wish for you (at least at some point) to care if I got out without it being ok'ed by you.

I look at the short period of three months that I have been in "full time" chastity and know mentally I am different and I feel for the better. I was thinking about it and how different I see things, how my fantasies are now, and just the disconnect from the fetish, kinky things. I am very happy where I am and any my want and need to focus on you and your needs over mine. 

My thought of the day, requires action.... I would like you to answer me using the suggestion below?

If you don't really care, and don't see any improvement in our relationship, and could care less if we went back to how we were before. Just leave the keys were they are. I understand.

If you find that things have been better, you do see a improvement, and look to see more improvements over how it was before, Just take the key package and put it somewhere "up" where I don't know where it is.

I will "let you know I blogged" and "at some point will check to see if you read it so that I will know your answer.

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