Monday, October 29, 2012

My sexual thoughts.

I find myself loving this picture like no other. It seems all my sexual thoughts have past from myself achieving a orgasm to bringing you to one. My sexual energy grows thinking about hearing your breath increase, watching your body move, hearing your moans, and finally hearing your orgasm.

I find that my sexual tension grows with your building orgasm and then relaxes some once you orgasm. Yes, I am sexually energized and would love you to give me a bit of teasing by playing with my nipples or a little poke here or there, yet I am happy hearing your orgasm.

I was thinking about this and realized that at one time we went over a year without intercourse. I however did not go more than a day without a orgasm. I have no clue what you did, and I feel selfish for that. I find that I want to make up for it and I enjoy getting to please you each week with no focus on me.

It was asked on the forums what is the number one fantasy we have and I found mine being this...
Date night is planned as usual, You tell me that you would like to go out somewhere nice and to dress for the occasion.  You look lovely and in high heels teasing my thoughts by just looking at you. I find that our discussions through the dinner fall all over the place but it also includes chastity a bit, and you even "tease" a bit about the idea of my chastity.

Once home, I am quite worked up and ready to take care of you and find that you have changed into a nice Chemise and Robe Set like this --( and a set of high heels.

My breath is taken away and you request me on the bed. I quickly find my place beside you, kissing, I smell you perfume, I feel the cloth on you, my tension is high, your hands find my nipples and as week kiss you tease me. I try to go south to take care of you yet you hold me off a bit first to tease me again. As I find my place between your legs, our little friend does his job, and you place your heels on my shoulders, as I feel the heels my sexual tension only builds.

Your orgasm comes close, I feel my sexual tension grow as yours does, as you orgasm, I feel a shiver through me as if a small release of sexual tension with your orgasm. I slide back beside you, we kiss, you tweak a nipple and say "well lets see how lucky you are" and I grab the dice so that you roll for my fate..... Then ending??? that depends on the number... :)

Funny how it went from the long drawn out scripts of "do this" and then "do that" and then, "pull this" and then "pull that" just for me to, what it is now...

I can only say I have never been happier being in chastity and focusing my energy on you. I only hope that this will continue and your acceptance and enjoyment will grow with time. I see nothing more in my future other than what we have talked about (adding things)....

I look forward to date night....... :)  <3 

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