Monday, October 15, 2012


It draws me closer to you every time I am able to give you a orgasm without myself having one. I love hearing the sounds you make and think that if it is anything like I feel when I orgasm, I know you are enjoying the end result.

One thing I find very erotic and mentally stimulating is the way I bring you to orgasm. I purposely try not to touch you and only the vibrator touch you so that you can be one with it and your thoughts. I will be completely honest and say I love that you use your computer and thoughts relating to other things while I do this. It is the submissive side in me wanting to almost be a "device" that assist in your solo orgasm and then you be able to go to bed easily with no need to worry about me.

Too many years went by and it was all about me. Now I want it to be all about you. I think of when  you told me to put on the device and would be in a long time. 30 days doesn't seem long at all anymore and I know I will never ask to be let out. If no date is set, I will go till the time comes.

I hope you are enjoying these times and getting more comfortable with the idea of chastity.

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