Sunday, September 30, 2012

Feelings without the keys

I sit here knowing that I will have to wait till at least the 25th of October before I may see the keys again. Each time I get locked in, I question myself and the idea of chastity once or twice. Then I think of how I feel knowing I can't have any release without the keys.

I don't want to disappoint you sneaking the keys that is why I am so focused on insuring they are not easy to get to and able to show tamper with the package they are sealed in. One of the largest factors of chastity is the release of the keys without the ability to access them. That stables the mental side of chastity down for me.

Before with all the other devices I had, I could escape, and slip back in without needing the keys. Now I have to have the keys, no way out. This is a security blanked that makes me know that the only way out is to destroy the package or wait. I can wait...

I thought many times of what " I wanted" you to "want" out of the chastity. I think I have figured it out. I basically want you to want to have the keys. Keeping the keys for me is sort of like listening to a song I like because I want you to, even if you don't really care either way. BUT, I also know that with this, and just like with songs, they tend to grow on you and you find that you like the song later on. I hope the same with the idea of keeping me in chastity longer.

I am learning each day that as I know so much about chastity and so vested in chastity, you know very little and have a "it's ok" feeling for it. It doesn't mean it is a bad thing, just a "we need to take time" thing and I not push...

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