Saturday, September 8, 2012

Different this time

When I got the device I was excited about the situation and the design. Many thoughts went through my mind. Of course the one of being in the device and you keeping the keys. Yet I was able to put it on, and go 30 days with out too many issues. Even sexually I didn't have too much of a problem going the 30 days. This of course surprised me a great deal.

The release was fantastic and more than I could have imagined. I wanted it to last for longer and yet I wanted to feel it all at once.

This time, I get very sexually worked up from time to time. My nipples get sensitive, just touching you sends little bolts of electricity through me. I was warned that once things come more "real" with the chastity it would happen. Specially the effect your touch would have on me. I love the idea and couldn't believe how true it is.

I see what they say on the forums when taking out their wife's and having them dressed up is a real workup.

I believe part of this is because of your comment of being ok with everything and the chance that you will become more comfortable and find some fun with this too. I find all my ideas, fantasies and sexual energy is all about you, and I love that more than anything..

Well, not as much as I love you but close :)

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