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Questions answered this blog spot:

*What is considered “long term chastity”?

*How much time can pass between a man’s orgasms?

*Are there any medical or mental side effects of long term chastity?

*How can we make long term chastity work for us?

The definition of “long term” is not defined by date completely. It is defined by the couple and how they use chastity. Some couples may only chastity a few days at a time with a release, where other couples may go years without a release. So to justify long term would be quantified by extending the amount of time in chastity from the normal.

I man can technically never orgasm. In religion priest, monks take a vow of celibacy. In chastity, it is up to the couple.

There are no direct medical side effects of long term chastity. There is a chance of skin irritations, rashes, and pinching from the device but that can happen within hours or months. Hygiene is the critical cause of those issues.

Mentally there can be an effect of long term chastity. Every male has his “breaking point” where either he will just except the situation happily and go on, get frustrated, want out, whine, or become irritable. The mental side of chastity can be controlled by the Keyholder and the attention given to the chaste. Less attention, more of the negative mental side, more attention, usually positive results and typically with more attention the more willing the male is to stay in chastity longer. 

Making long term chastity work is simple, have him stay in longer than “normal” and you are in long term chastity. Some will make two weeks and be longer than before where others may require months or years.

The situation with my husband, he is in continuous chastity with small breaks; the longest he has gone is over 6 months and the shortest time is one week. The breaks are for sexual release and depending on the situation he can go back in chastity right away or stay out for up to a week. This all depends on the situation and the ability for me to show attention to him as much as it is him being able to wear the device.
The best advice I can give this post;

Communication is "key". Chastity is a loving act of devotion for almost all chaste. 

Keyholder, understand the easier it is to keep him in chastity depends on the amount of attention your willing to give to him. Simple affection, allowing him to show his devotion, direct discussion or stimulation, or basic flirting.

Chaste, understand "you wanted this" and it is almost always new to the keyholder. The keyholder does not know much about chastity and time must be given to find their comfort zone. Take a breath and be happy you are in chastity, have a keyholder and see what happens next.

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