Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Interesting post found

I found a interesting post that put a lot of things in prospective when I always use the word "tease". It seems to be written by a female and well put. Thought I would share.

So your using chastity now, tease and denial has been brought up, what to do? My husband did the same with me and this is a small guide to those that need help.
*Not doing anything is the same as neglect
*The smallest thing can achieve as much as the largest
*Equal focus can be made outside the bedroom as much as in the bedroom
Simple suggestions;
1.      Perfume- smells can bring a lot of emotions with a man
2.      Clothing- favorite piece, heels, dress will do a lot
3.      Touching- a simple touch here and there
4.      Vocal- talking or letting him talk about chastity
5.      Symbols- necklace, picture, tattoo
Advanced suggestions (bedroom);
1.      Finding the magic spot- ear, neck, nipple and paying attention to it
2.      Vocal- discuss a happy point you have about him in chastity, or his device
3.      Physical contact- touching the device
4.      Clothing- lingerie, heels, favorite outfit
5.      Sexual act without release
Two acts I find most effective with my husband;
1.      Sitting on top of my husband while he is on his back (in bed). I feel his device on my butt, and move a bit and find his magic spots; letting him tell me how he likes the situation he is in.
2.      Hitachi vibrator, using it on his cage but not to the point of ejaculation (The Hitachi is wonderful for personal use and for him to use on you also)
Men need reassurance that we are ok/enjoy/want them in chastity. When in chastity they also need some attention if left in the device for longer periods to keep their happiness to be in the device. If done correctly my husband has passed up scheduled releases because of the effect of the tease and denial.
No suggestion or idea may work or all of them may for other couples. This is just a example of what I do with my husband over the years and has worked for us. Find what works for you and enjoy.

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