Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thoughts on you

I find myself during the day thinking of you and how your doing even when not around you. I have found that I want to give more affection to you but do not want you to think this is some plot to get out early. I just find that curbing my masturbation has also caused my interest to shift from fantasies to the reality sitting next to me (you).

I think that having a planned date for possible release works really well compared to not knowing when. I was reading a lot and found that most pester the keyholder for a release or do "nice things" to get rewarded with a release.

I would like to know how you feel about reading things here, if it is any help? If it isn't any help? Is it better to talk in person or give you the ability to get in the mood to read and then read this?

I do feel this is like the planets aligning when it comes to us. I would like to see how this goes and where it takes us. One thing I do need more than anything, if you are not comfortable with this, I just need to know. The roller coaster has been hard on you and I understand and would rather have your honest opinion than one that was made up not to hurt my feelings.

Love ya.

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