Monday, September 10, 2012

Skeleton's in the closet

With the fact of being in chastity I have been really seeing myself clear and clearing out the closet so to speak. I would like to clear out the closet more and be able to put it down so that you might read this and know exactly what is 'in the closet" and not have to worry about any hidden skeletons.

You and I both know I have a huge thing for gloves, heels and corsets. Something about the Betty Page pinup is a big thing for me. Dressing up to go out or even in the bedroom.....No surprise there....

Heels for me, one thing they do is make my feet feel so much better and I do just like to wear them. Yet I don't want a 'girly" heel, and yet to find the "perfect pair". I only have one pair and you know of them and only wear them from time to time when my feet hurt or I just want to.

Pegging, yes it is still a interest but as you can remember the last time we did this, it isn't a "BIG" thing and think if it is ever done, it always will have to be a planned thing and a special occasion. I kept the supplies for this because I know I do still have some interest in it.

As for everything else, I have cleared out a great deal of things BDSM type things because with chastity I have found the only thing I really need is being in the chastity and you wanting me in the chastity. There is no better control and devotion than that.

I have a few things more that I will be trying to "offload" and will be clear of anything other than the things above I have told you. Even tho the chastity is "old" yet "very new" for us, it came along at a perfect time with me learning so much about myself and interest and curbing the masturbation cleared up the rest.

The future will be interesting and happily there shouldn't be any surprises from me.....:)

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