Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mental findings within myself

I have made a conclusion that it takes about 7 days for my body and mind to accept the chastity completely. As soon as I put it on I was sexually energized and all thoughts started working through my mind. And of course I was "hinting around" on discussions and my blog to discuss any interest or thoughts you might have.

About day 3 the physical side takes over and I notice every little pull, pinch or tug. Always reaching down and trying to find the comfortable spot.

Around day 5-6 I notice that I don't "notice the device as much" and also don't have the situation on my mind as much.

By day 7 I have all but accepted everything, found my comfort zone mentally and physically and my day to day is back to as if it isn't on. Other than masturbation of course. From what I have read every man is different but usually around the same times (give or take a few days) the same happens usually with those wearing the device on a regular bases.

So I know now, I just need to make the first 7 days and after that I can go as long as wanted...And I sit here thinking, "I could go longer"..... did I say that!@#!@! lol

Another thing I found was more thoughts on my refractory period after having a sexual release. Once I had my release, I found that I was still quite fine with going back into chastity and even that morning I was ok with it. However, by mid day I was questioning going back in and also busy dreaming up some fantasies and good old masturbation to go with it.

It took about 3 days of dreaming up things and masturbating to swing back into thinking about chastity again. By the day 4 (Monday) I was ready to go back in and didn't masturbate at all that day (surprisingly). Tuesday morning I was as excited as I was when I put it on the first time.

I am not sure of your thoughts of when I should go back in but I would suggest either "right away", "next morning" or give it a few days from what I felt last time.

I feel there will always be a "excitement/break-in period"  and if you can deal with that for a bit, but once past that, all is good......

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